Bixa is a chromatic typeface designed for display use. Bixa comes in 13 different layers for beautiful color combinations.

Bixa was originally designed for the Typewood project in 2015. Read more about this project here.

See Bixa in use.

In 2016 we launched the chromatic web version of Bixa. More information about Bixa Color here.

Typewood - The Declaration of Deconstructed Typography project and the Bixa typeface which was published in 2015. Bixa, the chromatic typeface,  also produced in woodtype for letterpress, is designed as a typeface for a large display size.

Bixa received several international prizes and awards (European Design Awards  - and Type Directors Club New York TDC, 2016). 

Bixa is available as OT / Open Type file.

Bixa is designed by Novo Typo / Mark van Wageningen.

Designed in Amsterdam - The Netherlands 2015.

Supporting Standard Latin languages.